Jamielynne (irishbubbles) wrote,


Last nights turn of events has opened my eyes to a lot of bigger things.. Seeing we lack major communication in our relationship. It seems that everything gets bottled up and when I come across in my "nagging" way it's bc I want you to open up to me and talk to me. But all I get is being shut out and you go on doing your own thing. We spend no quality time as a family and it's not going out n spending money but maybe the occasional family movie or even a game night but it's like we are a noose around your neck. When we got together you were a gentleman a real gem a sweet guy and someone I felt I could share everything with, we had the same things in common even down to wanting the same things in life a family, being married, etc. but I quickly learned that it was all a game a facade to lure me in to whatever trap you had waiting, I did love you and I know I'm not innocent and I have done and said things to you as well, but it's like after our son was born things between us has never been the same, still to this day I wonder if what you said is true "it was a mistake being with you" that line still rattled in my head since I've been pregnant. I just feel like if you never meant it or if the thought never went thru your head then why would you utter those words. You say the meanest things when your mad and you never say your sorry. But laying your hands on me multiple times bc you can't control your anger is the breaking point. I'm sick of you doing this to me. Then you want to play your head games and it's just disgusting. I'm so upset at this point and just don't know what to say..
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