Jamielynne (irishbubbles) wrote,

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Feeling defeated

I don't know what I do to make you hate me so much, Never have I ever felt so alone and emotionally pushed away.In my mind I can't justify the 6 years of up's and downs, I really can't. I seriously have worn my heart on my sleeve for you and you've done nothing but shattered it and beat it. I think I am silently screaming that I give up. You have officially shattered me as a human being. I just hope your happy.. I know you don't care and you never will.. I just hope one day you will wake up and realize you have a woman who cares about you and 2 little boys that look up to you like your their fucking hero. You will regret pushing someone so far away from you that they will do the same things you've done to them.. just so hurt and your words hurt the most....
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